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These sheets are intended to provide a brief overview of commonly used medications in the management of headache  They are not intended as a substitute for the comprehensive ‘product information’ leaflet found inside all boxes of medication.  The ‘product information’ leaflet should always be read before taking medication. 

Not all recommendations are licensed for use in headache and GPs will need to discuss this with the patient.

Alternative Medicines and Headache


Consent form for GON injection

Greater Occipital Nerve Block

Guidance for Drug Treatment in Pregnancy

Information sheet for Amitriptyline

Information sheet for Atenolol

Information Sheet for Candesartan

Information Sheet for Emotional Freedom Technique

Information Sheet For Flunarizine

Information sheet for Gabapentin

Information sheet for Indometacin

Information Sheet for Lamotrigine

Information sheet for menstrual migraine

Information Sheet for Metoclopramide/soluble Aspirin/soluble Paracetamol

Information Sheet on Mindfulness

Information sheet for perimenopausal migraine

Information sheet for Prednisolone

Information sheet for Pregabalin

Information sheet for Propranolol

Information sheet for RESPeRATE therapeutic breathing device

Information Sheet for Sodium Valproate

Information sheet for Topiramate

Information sheet for Triptans

Information on the Vagal Nerve Stimulator

Information sheet for Verapamil

Information sheet for neck exercises

Information sheet for Co-enzyme Q10

Headache Diary

Migraine - FAQs NHS Grampian

Medication overuse headache NHS Grampian